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Save 2h+ per day without restrictive time limits.
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Rocket Scroll

Persuasive tech for your benefit

A sense of time to make your feeds significantly less addictive
Example of use with Twitter
Do better with your saved time. Our hyper-effective focus timers give you super focus on demandArrow pointing towards focus tracking buttons. 1-click focus tracking keeps you accountable with yourself
Screenshot showcasing how Rocket can get stuff done with help from friends
Screenshot showcasing how Rocket can effortlessly track your focused time

Get more out of your day

Join other digital native hyper-hustlers who are now less distracted and more focused.
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Getting in control of distractions
doesn’t have to be impossible

Social media and our phones are designed to farm our attention. And they’re only getting more addictive.
Control Your Scroll (2 mins)

Halve mindless screen time. Download Unscroll now.

Completely free. Takes just 2 mins to setup. No signup needed.
No ads. No bullshit.
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100k+ mins saved social proof
Go you! We think you're pretty special. You care for yourself enough to recognise that you want to be less distracted - and you're actually doing something about it.

Can't wait to share our big update with you :)
Upgrade to Super Focus Mode at any time

Use your saved time productively

We don't run ads. We don't sell your data. Our business is in helping you focus better.

Save Time

30 Days
No ads. No bullshit.
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30 Days
focus guarantee
= up to 40 extra hours of focus
=  up to 40h+ extra focus
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Be part of our crew of hyper hustlers making an impact
We offset 1.2kg of CO2 for every hour you focus
Support a new, ethical use of persuasive tech
Get free expert focus advice anytime
Cancel anytime. We let you know when your trial is ending
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Constant distraction, overwhelm, mental health issues.

Unfortunately the tech in our pockets has some very big downsides. But I believe we can make it radically better. That’s why I’ve spent the last 3 years of my life building Unscroll.

We’ve already helped high-performers (like you) to save 100k+ minutes and ultimately feel more in control.

And I know it can do the same for you, so I really hope you try it too :)

Photo of the Founder of Rocket
Founder of Unscroll

Spend less time scrolling and more time doing what you love!

The fastest and healthiest way to keep up to date with your socials.
Download Unscroll Now (takes just 2 mins to setup)100k+ mins saved social proof

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