CO2 offset

Sustainably responsible

We offset more than 1.2kg of CO2 for very hour of focus on Unscroll. We contribute to a bunch of projects that help both people and the environment.

April 2022

1 tonne

Aura Solar Power

Located on a 100-hectare site in La Paz, the capital city of Baja California Sur, Aura Solar is one of the largest photovoltaic energy projects in Latin America and a key driving force in Mexico’s clean energy revolution. The project effectively increases energy security throughout the country. In addition Aura Solar employs local workers and provides employees with technical training, strengthening the regional economy and providing income security.

October 2021

0.5 tonne

Rural Hydro Plant

Rural Sumatra suffers from poor electricity access and the lack of quality employment opportunities. The Musi River Hydro plant has created quality jobs and upskilling opportunities for locals in what has been traditionally a farming community. A portion of project revenue is reinvested into building an orphanage, constructing new roads, bridges, and a traditional marketplace for farmers.

September 2021

0.5 tonne

Sustainable Waste Treatment

For our 2nd donation, we have just offset 0.5 tonnes by contributing to a project that is helping bring new innovative waste management practices to Vietnam. These facilities pre-sort waste, recycle plastic and compost organic matter without freely releasing methane into the atmosphere. The project is also creating jobs and supports local farmers who will use the fertiliser.

August 2021

0.5 tonne

Safe Community Water Supply

Just hit 0.5 tonnes of CO2 points! For our very first donation we decided to contribute to a project that restores and repairs existing boreholes to provide clean drinking water to Rwandan communities. The project will reduce the need to boil water which will free up a significant amount of time and money otherwise spent by kids and families gathering firewood, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.