Refund Policy

Updated 24th May 2022

Subscriptions are great. They enable us to sustainably support ourselves through our customers (keeping the needs of our customers our #1 priority). But subscriptions shouldn't be used to trick anyone into buying something they don't want or need. So we have 3 simple policies:

1. 30 Day Trial Money Back Guarantee

If at any point during your trial you are dissatisfied with Rocket for any reason you can simply email us before the 30 days are up, with a reason why you were not satisfied and we will cancel your subscription and return your trial fee. No questions asked.

2. 10 Day Focus Guarantee

We are so confident in Rocket that if you try it for at least 10 days and you don’t think it helps you get more focus out of your day we will refund you 2x the cost of the trial (in other words you would be making money and we would be losing money). You just have to email us before your 30 Days are up to let us know so we can cancel your subscription and return your trial fee x2.

3. Free cancellation at any time

We don't charge a fee if you decide to cancel your subscription. You can cancel at any time and keep access to Rocket until the date when your subscription would otherwise have been renewed.

In the case of a refund, we will endeavour to process the refund as soon as possible. Please allow for a few business days (it may take longer depending on our payment providers).