Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Unscroll

Effortlessly conquer your phone and time.
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November 23, 2022

#0 Log in to all of your social accounts in Unscroll

Just assuming you have already done this, but if not please go do this now.

#1 Delete all other social media apps off your phone

Yes, that includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & TikTok. Unscroll is your go to app for checking all your social media and you won't be able to fall down endless rabbit holes. Without those distracting notifications interrupting you at all hours of the day you can stay connected according to your schedule and check your socials on your terms.

Before you move on, go ahead and delete them now.

For communication apps like Messenger, Messages & Whatsapp we recommend turning off notifications or using your phone's Do Not Disturb setting regularly when you're trying to focus.

Highly recommended: go to your notification settings and reduce the amount you get shown as much as you can tolerate.

#2 Log out of social media in your browsers (mobile and desktop)

Whenever you block a distraction there is always a way around it to go find it. There is no way to completely remove your access to your distracting social media unless you throw away your phone (however that's not a desired or sustainable strategy). So, it's true, you can always go to your mobile browser or even your desktop browser to check Instagram if you really need to. So you have two options:

However just the act of logging out can be frustrating enough to create an extra barrier and further incentivise some more focus vs a cheeky scroll.

  1. You can block all social media with browser blacklists / browser plugins, or
  2. You can simply log out of all of your social accounts in mobile browsers and desktop browsers. In a situation when you have just had a satisfying scroll through socials but your lizard brain still wants 'just one more post' (ie. strong craving for a hit of dopamine) this simple strategy is often enough to slow you down and make the decision to focus instead of getting lost down an hour long thumb workout.

Now is your chance to choose one of the above options and go and do it. Careful not to get sidetracked! See you again in a minute :)

#3 Place Unscroll in a place where you will use it

This last tip is all about getting into the habit of opening Unscroll instinctively and quickly before your subconscious can take you off track. Most of us use a certain home screen on our phone more than others. So place Unscroll on your phone navbar OR on a very high traffic phone screen. Bonus points if you make other sometimes distracting apps like Mail or Messages in a harder to reach spot.

Go rearrange your phone screen now.

All Done!

After implementing these 3 things, Unscroll is now the easiest way to access your social media (plus the safest and most productive way to check it).

Happy focusing!

Bonus: spend less time scrolling and more time doing what you love - without having to unplug. Unscroll helps you effortlessly conquer your phone and time, and has helped save over 100k+ minutes from oblivion. Check it out here.

Effortlessly conquer your phone & time

Spend less time scrolling and more time doing what you love - without having to unplug.
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